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Blue Iron has a proven methodology to insure you IT initiatives are on time, in scope and returning investment on dollars spent. We offer Assessment services to determine the utilization rates of your existing assets. From these assessments we build a plan to consolidate, virtualize and automate your assets these are the first steps in building a Dynamic Infrastructure which is our guiding principal to insure our clients are maximizing return on their IT investments.

Now that the plan has been development and mapped to meet your business needs Blue Iron is with you every step of the way with our SmoothStart Services. SmoothStarts our packaged intellectual property the result of 50 years of experience in the IT industry and 1000’s of customer implementations insuring best practice solutions. SmoothStarts are a complete package of planning, configuration, Implementation, documentation and skill transfer. These are Turnkey solutions that we don’t turn over to you until you are completely satisfied.

Finally after some time has passed its time for a HealthCheck a review of your existing environment to address growth, policy change and insure best practices. A HealthCheck can rejuvenate an existing environment leading to capacity gains and additional savings. HealthChecks create capacity plans for future growth and assure proper sizing to contain future costs.

Assessment Services

  • Servers Assessments
  • Storage Assessments

Smooth Start Services

  • Virtualization Smooth Starts
  • High Availability Smooth Starts
  • Backup and Recovery SmoothStarts


  • Virtualization HealthChecks
  • High Availability HealthChecks
  • Backup and Recovery HealthChecks

Our Partners

Blue Iron is an IBM Advanced Partner with over 50 years of combined experience in the IT marketplace.


What is Blue Iron?

The key components of building a Dynamic Infrastructure include Enterprise:




Hence our name Blue Iron!
In order to create a powerful, scalable, flexible Dynamic Infrastructure you need the best of breed components.